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Today I am here with Leonardo “Cacao” Saggioro,” it’s a huge pleasure for me to be here with him.  He is probably the guy that I have trained the most with in my life.  We both trained at the same gym and got all of our belts from white to black at the same academy.  When I lived in my home town, Leonardo was my main training partner, I am a little older than him so I was always one belt above him but he is the guy I rolled the most with.  I remember I would do one roll with Leonardo then some other guy and after that again Leonardo. Leonardo has an amazing resume in Jiu Jitsu, he won the worlds as a purple belt at adult, got second as a brown, and just this year got second at black belt to Cobrihna in a close match. He also won the Brazilian Nationals at adult black belt like 2-3 times.  I really enjoy watching him compete because we have a very similar game, he likes the single leg half and over under pass but he does a different variation of the over-under, lets see how he does this below and then I will break it down.

Breakdown of Leonardo “Cascao” Saggioro’s Over-Under to Stack Pass:

Okay guys so as you can see, he really likes this over-under passing position like I do.  Since he is a lightweight, he does a lot of things from this position differently.  This is what I love about Jiu Jitsu, many people have different interpretations of the same techniques. Since I am a heavyweight, I don’t move as much as “Cascao.”
When he does the over-under, the main difference between the way I do it and him is the grip on the leg.  I like to over hook the leg, and he like to use the pant grip so he can go from one side to the other.  Because he is small he says that a lot of people push him away when he does the over-under pass and from there he goes to this stack pass.
If he can’t get the stack pass, Leonardo will go back to the other side, so no matter what his opponent does, he has an answer.  I love that Leonardo is applying pressure passing at the lower weight classes.  It is a perfect mix of pressure and mobility.  Leonardo has passed some of the best lightweight guys guards with these techniques.
Anyways guys, try this out and see if it works for you!  If you have not already, download my screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pmfree E-Book here to the right.  It is completely free and I really believe that this can help you with your Jiu Jitsu training, so check it out!
Also to see more of my variations on this pass, check out my DVD Set, “Battle Tested Pressure Passing.” Oss!


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