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Guys today I am here with Jake Mackenzie. I have known Jake for a long time when we were both from Brazilian Top Team we used to train together.  We trained a few times when we were purple belts it was a long time ago back in 2006. I think Jake is the best Canadian ever in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  He is a black belt from GFTeam and he teaches at the main GFTeam in Rio De Janeiro.
He is super high level, this year for example, he lost the worlds in the quarter finals to the champion, Lucas Lepri.  Jake is similar to me because he plays half guard but his favorite position is the reverse half guard. When I play half guard for example I hate the reverse half guard and try to avoid it but Jake loves it. Check out Jake showing a sweep from the reverse half guard below and then I will break it down.

Breakdown of Jake Makcenzie’s Reverse Half Guard Sweep

I really like this position before because I have never seen it.  Some of the details that I really like that Jake is doing are in the beginning when he says to lift his hip up and to put pressure on the knee.  This made it feel super uncomfortable on me when he did this.
After he has put pressure on me he goes to switch the hooks and this is where I really thought that he was going to show a hook sweep, but he slides his leg into my other leg and at that point I was completely stuck.  If I came back on top I think Jake would’ve taken my back.
After he gets on top he manages to get to the leg drag and now he has passed my guard and swept me.  This position is really really good.  The details with the legs are very sophisticated like I said in the video.  This is a great way to make something good out of a bad position guys and Jake is the best at the Reverse Half Guard.
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