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Today I am here with Junior Mesquita his nickname is Muri and he is a black belt here in Brazil.  I just made a seminar here in Brasilia and I wanted Junior to show us a technique that he is so good at, that he put his name on the technique.  It is a “Muriplata,” This position is done from the closed guard and it is a forearm lock.  It feels like he is going to break my forearm in half.  Guys below you can see the video of Junior doing the technique and then I will break it down as well.

Junior “Muri” Mesquita Muriplata From Closed Guard Breakdown

Okay guys so as you can see above this is a very different submission.  It  is not something that you will see very often. I think there are a bunch of things that make this a great position.  The first thing is that if you get good at this position, your opponent will probably not know that it is coming.  You can surprise them with this attack and it is always good to surprise your opponent.  They may not know how to defend.
Also, when he goes for this position, he uses a lot of his body to finish, he has his leg over y shoulder, he has a 2 on 1, and he uses his hips so it is very powerful.  As you can see in the video everytime he does it I am in a lot of pain, this submission comes on very fast.
Another benefit is that since it is a different submission, your opponent may think you are going for a wrist lock, a kimura, or an omoplata and they might not be worried until they start to feel the pressure.  That makes this very good.
Anyways guys, try this submission and see how it works for you, it is very good.  Don’t forget to screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pmdownload my free E-Book as well.  I really think this E-Book can help your Jiu Jitsu a lot, I give a lot of tips and talk about a lot of things that help me.
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