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Today I am here with Eduardo Montondon, I just had the pleasure of doing a seminar in his school. Today I asked him to show us one of his best positions. This is one of Eduardo’s favorite techniques and its really cool guys.  He starts it from the closed guard and makes it look like he is going for the scissor sweep but he ends up going for the kneebar.  Guys check out the video below and my breakdown below also.

Breakdown of Eduardo Montandon’s Closed Guard to Knee Bar

So as you can see above when Eduardo demonstrates this position on me, he starts in closed guard.  It is really cool because he starts by getting into a position very similar to the scissor sweep.  After he is in the scissor sweep position he dives one hand under my leg and the other is behind my tricep so that I can’t close the distance.
Once Eduardo is under my leg, many people expect a scissor sweep or something like this, but instead Eduardo goes all the way for the knee bar.  I am expecting that he is just going to get the sweep but he surprises me with the knee bar.
I think this is a good attack because it is not something many people will have seen before.  It is always good to surprise your opponent because when someone is expecting something and you do another, this is always good.   I think this is the best part of Eduardo’s position.
Also, even if he does not finish the knee bar, he still has a good sweep and can come on top or get his 2 points so this is also a good part of this technique.
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