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Every time I’m traveling for seminars, I always try to learn something new, it can be a different warm up, or a different technique, or something about managing the school, or some different way to teach, anything new makes me happy.
In 2011, traveling to Germany I learned a very cool exercise to use as a warm up. I liked it a lot, because in this exercise we will work our coordination and also warm up at the same time.screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm
I’m not the biggest fan of long warm ups. I like to do the warm ups exactly to do what the name says: Warm Up. Many times I see teachers doing very long ones, with a bunch of different exercises, conditioning and different stuff. In my classes I like to do short ones, just to make sure everyone gets warm enough to avoid injuries.
Sometimes doing new exercises can be a good way for the students to learn something new and at the same time make their bodies warm and ready for the rest of the training.
In this blog post, Im showing this super cool exercise I learned to use as a warm up. I hope you enjoy it and try to do it at your school.

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