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Dan Covel is a black belt who trains here at Marcelo’s school with us. Dan is very well known about his tough closed guard.

Even tough he is not heavy, he is normally feather or light weight, if you let him close the guard, its always a problem to get out from there without getting swept or tapped.

In my opining the biggest difference between Dan’s closed guard and everyone else’s, is how easy he breaks the posture of whoever is in his closed guard.

screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pmDan uses his arms and his legs at the same time, to make sure the guy on top can’t maintain a good posture. Any escape from the closed guard, the guy on top must have good posture. So if you are able to break your opponent’s posture, you have a much higher chance to get a sweep or a submission from there.

I asked Dan to show us, what he does to be able to break everyone’s posture and also to show us one of his favorite attacks, once he has broken his opponent’s posture.

He showed an awesome sequence, that is super effective and super simple to apply. I believe everyone who watches it, will probably be able to start applying his concepts.

Make sure to watch the video below.



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