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If there is one guy that I have TREMENDOUS RESPECT FOR IN THIS BJJ WORLD. The guy below is the one I’m talking about. Imagine that you are the smallest and lightest guy in the class, but now imagine that you are also the toughest and biggest champion in the class, wait a second, not in the class, you are the biggest champion in the World, you broke all the records in this sport, and did something that nobody has ever done. He won the World Tittle as a black belt 8x in his Division in the adult level. Yes, this person exists, and I just went to Orlando to film a technique with him to my blog (The Best Sweep vs Bigger Opponents).

I was lucky to spend 4 years of my life sharing the mats with him every single day at Alliance Sao Paulo, and I had the opportunity to see him training and preparing himself on a daily basis. He weighs around 130 pounds, and I saw him beating most of the black belts on the mat. I have seen him sweeping a World Champion Ultra Heavy Weight with over 250 pounds. He is for sure one of the most or the most impressive athlete I have ever met in my life.


His story doesn’t stop there… He lost his mom when he was about 16 years old and his dad left home a couple months after he was born. His father had the opportunity to be a part of his family several times but chose to never be there for them. He grew up with his grandmother and his siblings in a very poor neighborhood in Brazil. Most of his family never believed that BJJ could be a way of making a living that made things even harder for him to pursue his dreams.

Don’t you think that most people would have given up on their dream? Despite having no parents, no money, no support from his family and also being the smallest guy in class, he didn’t give up and he became without a doubt the most accomplished BJJ practitioner of all time, breaking the record for World Tittles – 8x World Champion Black Belt Adult in the same division.

It’s a pleasure for me to be writing about him, and this is the most special blog I have written so far, because I have tremendous respect for what he has accomplished against all odds.

The technique I asked Bruno to teach, is one position I call “The Malfacine Sweep”. I have always seen him doing it, its super simple, super effective and I believe that it works great for the smaller and lighter grappler.

I hope you guys enjoy it.


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