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Many times training or competing against a good wrestler can be a very tough task, just because they are normally stronger than us, and they also have a very good base, which can make it very hard for us to sweep them.
Also, against them we have to pull guard, because it can be very hard or even a waste of time to try to take them down.
So, our options are pretty much pull guard, work some sweeps, or try to trap them when they try their takedowns.
Its always good to remember, that they have spent all their lives trying to takedown their opponents, and put their backs on the mat, so it means that most of the times they are not used to submission traps. In Wrestling there are no submissions, so they probably are not expecting submissions as a counter attack. They are expecting more counters such as takedowns.
screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pmOnce we know that it makes it easier for us to set up strategy. In my case for example, I’m not a footlock guy, but against wrestlers I like doing footlocks, because they are normally good at defending half-guard sweeps, single leg sweeps, but as we talked about before, against submissions its normally their weak points. So footlocks and leg-locks from the half-guard, can be very good options.
For this blog post, Robson “Mau-Mau” Lima, who is very well known for his kimura attacks, will show us an awesome Kimura counter attack, from the double leg, that can be a perfect fit against Wrestlers.
Mau-Mau has won the Worlds Masters once, the Pan-Ams Masters 3x, and first in the IBJJF Ranking No-Gi Masters for all divisions. Pretty much all his game is about Kimuras, he has produced a great DVD called “Kimuras From Everywhere” that was one of the best selling DVDs from BJJ Super Deals & BJJ Fanatics. So I really suggest you guys watch this awesome technique below, and if you like it, I have added the link of his instructional DVD here (Just Click Here).
I hope you guys enjoy it.

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