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From Z-Guard To Deep Half-Guard to Over-Under Pass by Misael Miranda (Instructional Video In The Blog Post)

I love deep half guard, because I always feel that the sweeps from there are easy and simple to do. Its not the type of game that you need to be flexible, fast, or athletic.

When you are in the half-guard, you pretty much have to stick one of the opponents leg’s between your legs, and little by little work from there until you set up your positions. So I believe its a great game for anyone who wants to slow the game down.

Many times we see heavier or older grapplers playing half-guard, and that’s exactly why. Because when they are heavy or old, most of the times they are not as fast, athletic and flexible as there younger opponents, so half-guard ends up being a good fit for them.


In one of my seminars in January, at BTT San Antonio, I met Misael. He is a black belt from BTT, 260 pounds, 32 years old and he has been winning all the local tournaments in Texas, and also getting great results in the big tournaments, as he was third place in the Worlds Masters 2016. Also he has been competing in the adult divisions and doing very well against the toughest guys in the World. Last year he lost by 1 advantage to Joao Gabriel, who is a Silver Medalist in the Worlds Adult Black Belt, and also a Silver Medalist in the ADCC Open Class.

I trained with Misael, and even though he weighs 260 pounds he still pulled guard on me, and guess which game he played? Yes, the half-guard. I was surprised that he pulled guard, and even more surprised about how good his half guard is.

He has a pretty similar game to mine, doing knee-shields to go to deep half-guard, and then trying to go to the Over-Under Pass.

So for this blog post, I asked him to show us his favorite sequence from Half-Guard to the Over-Under, and he showed us a very basic and efficient sweep from Half-Guard.

Its definitely worth checking out the video below. And don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel.


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