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The Counter Attack For The Over-Under Pass by Diego Gamonal (Video In The Blog Post)

If you are familiar with the Over-Under Pass and you use it often, you might have realized that many people use one counter for the Over-Under Pass, that works pretty much like a trap, they let you pass the guard, and once you pass they flip you over and get your side control. It doesn’t sound good right? But this is exactly what happens many times.


When I lived in my hometown, Juiz de Fora, Brazil, one of my training partners there, was super good with this trap. Every time I would pass his guard, he would just set this trap and wait for me to continue to pass.

I got swept in this position hundreds of times until I understood what he was doing and I started developing a way to defend it.

In January, I visited his school in San Antonio, Texas, for a seminar and I asked him to show us how he does it. Its one of his best techniques, and I believe he might be one of the best guys in the World at this position.

I hope you guys enjoy it.


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