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Understanding the Berimbolo By Gianni Grippo (Instructional Video In The Blog Post)

If there is a technique that nowadays all the new generation of BJJ fighters are playing, its the Berimbolo. All the young guys, specially the lighter weights have been playing it a lot.

Whether or not you play the berimbolo is up to you, but I feel being familiar with any technique will at least help us to defend against it.

How can you avoid or defend a technique, if you don’t even know how it works? That’s why I believe that everyone should at least understand this position or any position, to be able to use it, or avoid someone using it on you.


The berimbolo is a variation of the De La Riva sweep, that instead of trying to sweep, you will go straight to the back. So thats why it really makes sense for the lighters guys, because sometimes they can have a tough time sweeping a heavier opponent, but with the berimbolo there is less resistance and a path to the back.

So for this blog post I asked Gianni Grippo to explain to us how the Berimbolo works. He is one of the best guys at it, and he has been playing this type of game for a very long time.

So I suggest everyone to watch the video below from my youtube channel Bernardo Faria BJJ. It doesn’t matter if it is your game or not, but learning it, will definitely help you to defend it, or maybe to add it to your game plan.

I hope you guys enjoy it.


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