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Hey guys today I am here with my friend, Rodrigo Alonso.  Rodrigo is a black belt and he has just joined my academy here in Bedford, MA.  It has been great having Rodrigo here, he is a very good level and competes a lot.  Today I asked him if he could show us one foot lock that he does really well from a sneaky position.  Let’s look below and then I will do some breakdown.

Breakdown of Straight Foot Lock When Opponent Try To Defend The Guard Pass With Rodrigo Alonso:

So guys as you can see this is a very sneaky foot lock.  Rodrigo is very good at the deep half and the over under much like me, but when people start to retain guard on him he is always dropping back for this foot lock and getting the tap.
Rodrigo is going for an unorthodox foot lock because it is the cross body.  When he is threatening the over under he knows that the person is going to keep their knee very tight and when they do this to not let him pass or even get their guard back he will get the foot lock.
One thing that is important here is to be able to keep the foot on the hip so that they cannot get up.  With this cross body foot lock if your opponent gets up it could be trouble.  Anyways guys I hope you like this technique.  Ossss!


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