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Guys today I am here with Maahiro Iwasaki.  Iwasaki is one of the toughest Japanese black belts that there is.  He has had matches and victories over guys like Gilbert Burns, Edwin Najmi and many others.  Much like myself he is one of the best half guard players that there is and this is one of his favorite positions.  I asked him to show us one of his favorite sweeps today so check it out below.

Breakdown of Reverse Half Guard Sweep by Masahiro Iwasaki:

So guys this is a very good sweep because this is from the reverse half guard.  It is funny because I hate the reverse half guard but he likes for people to be here.  When he does this sweep it is very powerful because he uses no strength.
Once he is able to hip escape and get my belt grip he is going to load all of my weight onto his hip and all he has to do is just roll over and he is able to get the sweep and he ends up in the cross side positions.screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm
One of my favorite things here is to see his level because nowadays we see so many different nationalities winning at the highest levels of bjj.  We have polish guys, Americans and Japanese.  Really cool to see. I hope you like this video, oss!


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