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Hey guys I am here today with Thamires Aquino.  Thamires was able to get third place at the adult black belt worlds for the last 2 years and she is just 24 years old.  Thamires has won the Brazilian Nationals at every belt and she has one of the toughest spider guards.  Some people say that the Brazilian Nationals is one of the most difficult tournaments to win.  Thamires was able to hit one crazy submission at the Rio open and it went viral and it was an omoplata variation.  I asked her to show us this below and I do some breakdown.

Breakdown of Crazy Omoplata Variation by Thamires Aquino:

So guys as you can see this is one very fancy omoplata and some people may be intimidated by it but it is actually very easy to do and very very effective.  So guys what is happening here, first she is controlling my collar and my arm with the spider hook.
This collar and sleeve control is amazing for the omoplata, triangle and arm lock.  What she does is make me post and then she goes for the omoplata.  Instead of bringing her foot all the way over my head, she keeps her foot across my back and she is able to keep my posture broken.
After this she is able to out her foot that is on my bicep on my forearm to stretch me more and she will bring the screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pmfoot across the back to hook my arm.  Once she gets me in this omoplata crucifix type position, there is almost nothing that I can do.
Now she will just put both of her arms on my arm and she will pull my arm.  It is like a double shoulder, back, neck, and arm lock.  Very cool submission, I hope you guys enjoy this and try it out! Oss!


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