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Today I am here with Sean Peters “Cubby”, who is going to show us some crazy armlocks from side control. He trains at Will Grundhauser’s academy, which is my first affiliate school located in Billings, Montana. He got his black belt at the age of 19, he started training jiu-jitsu at the age of 12. He got 2nd place at the Jungle Fight, which is one of the toughest MMA fights in Brazil.

He has a full sequence of armlock attacks from side control. He uses this armlock sequence when his opponent tries to push his head off his chest. I rolled with him and I really enjoyed it. He has a very high-level of jiu-jitsu and he is super tough.

Let’s see how Cubby does his crazy armlocks from side control.

He starts off in side control, he switches his hips and gets the underhook on his opponent’s opposite arm.

He keeps his head down tight on his opponent’s chest. He does this to prevent his opponent from using his leg to hook his head and driving him backwards.

He knows that even if he keeps his head down tight, that his opponent will probably push on his face. He waits for this reaction and he takes his underhook arm and drives it over his opponent’s arm. Then he turns his hips away from his opponent. It’s very important that he uses both his hands to control his opponent’s wrist very tightly. He makes sure that he keeps his opponent’s pinky facing the sky. If his opponent is able to rotate his wrist, then he will lose the submission. He also keeps his elbow very tight, trapping his opponent’s arm. If he doesn’t keep his elbow tight, then his opponent will probably be able to turn his arm and escape.

To finish the armlock, he keeps his arms down tight and he slides away. He slowly moves his armpit a little down his opponent’s arm to get a good fulcrum on his elbow and finish the armlock submission.

One common reaction to this technique is when Cubby’s opponent pushes on his face. When he attempts the armlock, his opponent turns up to his knees. It’s easy for his opponent to roll and escape. If he doesn’t react when his opponent rolls, then he loses the position.

So, when his opponent rolls to escape, he rolls with his opponent. He still controls his opponent’s wrist and he keeps his elbows down tight on the arm. The pressure can submit his opponent. If his opponent sits up to relieve the pressure, then he rotates. He stays on top and he is able to finish the armlock submission.

I think he does this armlock sequence so well because his timing is excellent. He sets up a trap. As soon as I push his face away, that’s the time he traps my arm. He closes his armpit so tight, that he can get the tap. My first reaction is to roll, but his timing is so good that he rolls with me. Cubby rotates, staying on top and he gets the armlock submission. I believe this armlock sequence works so well because it’s a trap and his timing is perfect.

Here’s a breakdown of the key points for crazy armlocks from side control by Sean “Cubby” Peters:

  1. He gets side control, switches his hips and gets an underhook on his opponent’s opposite arm.
  2. He keeps his head down tight on his opponent’s chest. When his opponent pushes on his face, he drives his underhook arm over his opponent’s arm and turns his hips away. He controls his opponent’s wrist tightly, keeping his pinky facing the sky. Cubby slides away, creating a tight fulcrum on his opponent’s elbow and he gets the submission.
  3. When his opponent rolls to escape, he rolls with his opponent. He keeps his elbows tight and he gets the tap. If his opponent sits up, then he rotates, staying on top for a very tight armlock.

Thank you so much Cubby for showing us your crazy armlocks from side control. I hope you enjoyed this video. Oss.




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