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Today I am here with Nick Tissue, he owns the Gracie Academy here in Baltimore, and I just made a seminar here in his school.  I rolled with him and he has a very good defense from the side control position, it is very hard to do anything on this guy. He controlled my arms really well so I asked him to show us how he was doing this.  Nick is going to show us a cool escape from the side control below and then I will break this down.

Breakdown of Nick Tissue’s Side Control Escape:

So guys some key points in this position here, one of the main things that Nick was doing on me was he was keeping his head very very heavy so it was extremely difficult to get a good cross face and establish side control.  Keeping the head heavy is something almost everyone forgets to do from the side control because if you don’t do it properly, maybe it makes things worse for you.
After he has his head heavy for a long time, I get frustrated and I try to attack his arm, since Nick does this a lot he is ready for it.  When I got top attack his arm he swims underneath my arm pit and starts to scoot himself back.  This is very hard to deal with and once he is in this position I pretty much lose the side control.
Anyways guys, this is a cool and different escape, try it out, maybe you will enjoy.  Also, if you have not already,  screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm download my FREE E-Book.  Guys I say it every time, I really think this E-Book can help you develop you Jiu Jitsu! Also check out my DVD “Battle Tested Half Guard.”  The most things I get in my messages are people asking about my half guard and my passing, in these DVD’s I give every detail on my half guard! Oss!


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