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Today I am here with Felipe “Pe De Pao” Bueno. Felipe is a black belt from Alliance, Sao Paulo, he has got amazing results in the Jiu Jitsu tournaments. He got third place in the Worlds as a black belt, third place at Pan Ams as a black belt, and second place in the Brazilian Nationals as a black belt, all in the adult division.  Most of the times Felipe is competing he is always playing the deep half guard.  He has a way of doing a sweep that is very like mine but he uses the sleeve instead of the lapel. Let’s take a look below at how he does his variation of the sweep.

Breakdown of “Pe De Pao’s Deep Half Guard Sweep Controlling the Sleeve:

So if you see above, the sweep is very similar to mine but Felipe uses the sleeve instead of the lapel.  There are some key details that make the sweep work.  The most important detail of the sweep is to make a good grip on your opponent’s sleeve.  Like Felipe said, if you do not control their sleeve they can start to attack your arm, back, or other positions.  The sleeve is the only thing stopping your opponent from attacking.

Another big detail to this sweep is how Felipe has his body, he is in a deep half guard, but he is only hugging one leg, not my hip.  Not only is he hugging the leg, but he uses his abs, legs, and back to launch my weight off him in the video.  Notice when he gets the sleeve, he no longer wants my weight on him so he rocks me off him with his abs, legs, and hips.  This is very important because if you don’t do it right, it may be hard to move your opponent off you. Once he gets my weight off him, he wants to get his shoulders off the mat and come up to his elbow.  Again, this is why you need to get their weight off you.  Now that he is on his elbow with his shoulders off the mat, he is ready to sweep, just look up and ahead, and use your hips and back to throw your opponent off you.



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