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Today I have the pleasure of being here with Renato Cardoso. He is from Alliance, Sao Paulo in Brazil and he is one of the toughest guys over there.  He competes in the medium-heavy division as a black belt.  He won the Brazilian Nationals twice, he won the Europeans, and is a medalist at the Worlds and Pans all in the adult division!
He is very well known in Brazil and the rest of the world as one of the best footlockers with the gi.  Today, Renato is going to show us one of the best footlocks he does from the 1 Leg X-Guard. When the person does the 1 Leg X-Guard he goes to a very cool footlock from there.

Breakdown of Renato Cardoso’s Nasty Footlock from 1 Leg X-Guard:

This is a very sneaky attack from 1 Leg X-Guard.  Renato starts by controlling my leg that is in between his legs so I can’t move him much.  This gives him good base.  After that he takes the foot that is on his hip and he peels it off but this is a trap.  When he peels my foot off from 1 Leg X-Guard he knows I am going to put it right back! This is sneaky! When I put the foot back, he has his hand there ready so I put my foot on his forearm.  Now he is ready to foot lock.
He connects his other hand over my foot so he has one forearm under my foot and the other on top of my foot.  Now he will lean down to apply the submission and it is very painful and fast.  The footlock is like a toe hold or estima lock but Renato found a way to make it even worse! When he applies it, he uses his back and hips and it feels like your foot is going to break.
This is such a good submission because when the guys are playing 1 Leg X-Guard they are not expecting somebody to submit them so you can catch them by surprise.  Renato is the best in the world at this. Look at the video below where Renato demonstrates this footlock with me, he speaks Portuguese but I translate after he shows it.

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