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Guys today I am here with my friend Betty.  Betty lives here in North Carolina and she organized a seminar with me.  I am always really impressed with Betty because she is 61 years old and a purple belt who still trains bjj and tries to compete.   61 years old guys, that is something, and this is typically a male dominated sport so it is hard sometimes for girls to find good training partners and this and that.  Good etiquette is important in bjj.
Betty has a brand called “Roll Forever” that she used to help get seminars and promote older people training so that they can roll forever.  Betty was telling me that bjj helps to keep her young because of many reasons.  It is a good work out so it allows her to have some physical exercise which is very important.
BJJ also allows Betty to get out of the house and socialize with people so that she can stay active and personal with people.  Sometimes one of the most important things to do to stay young is get out and hang out with people.  These days bjj is a great way to get out and about and hang with people.
Anyways guys, enough of me talking about the interview, you can check it out below it is only like 10 minutes and it is super good.  Also if you have not already check out my FREE E-Book and download it!  This book is a great resource for anybody who trains bjj!
Staying Young Over 60 With Jiu Jitsu – Interview with Betty “Roll Forever”:


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