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Guys today I am here with one of my best friends, my business partner, and somebody who has helped me more than anybody in the United States, Michael Zenga.  Michael and I have been friends for a long time and recently we have been doing some business together, this is why I love Jiu Jitsu though, I was able to meet somebody like Michael and we have become so close.  Michael is not only my friend and partner; he is also a super tough black belt in Jiu Jitsu.
This guy is like 6’2 240 lbs and super good with technique.  He and I have worked a lot together and these days he is one of my main training partners. He is really good at the half guard and the deep half guard.  Today I asked him to show us one position that he does really well and that is a deep half guard sweep.  It is super simple and effective.  Let’s see it below and then I will do a breakdown.

Breakdown of Michael Zenga’s Deep Half Guard Sweep:

So as you can see, this sweep is super simple.  The trick with this position is to get the timing right.  You want to wait for your opponent’s weight to be in the right place. The other trick is to hold onto the lapel and the ankle.
If you notice in the video above, Michael has a very strong grip on my lapel and he keeps my ankle trapped the whole time that he is doing the sweep so that he can easily sit up and I have nothing to base with.  This sweep is perfect for people who are patient and wait for the right time to do things.
Anyways guys I hope you like this position and try it out.  Also, if you have not already, screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm  download my FREE E-book here.  This is a great tool for anybody to grow their Jiu Jitsu in so many ways. Oss!


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