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I use to say that the Closed Guard, when you are on top its probably the worst neutral position in BJJ. When I mean neutral, I mean that nobody is in an advantageous position but its the type of position that only favors the guy on bottom. Try to think about it, how many attacks you have from closed guard when you are on top? Not too many right? First you have to open the closed guard. But your opponent on bottom has a ton of attacks from there. Thats why I always try to avoid my opponents closing the guard.

For this blog post I filmed an awesome technique with Billy Shannon. Billy has a very good sequence of attacks from closed guard involving lapels. When you are on top in the closed guard, its very annoying to try to get out, and if your opponent starts to involve you with his lapels, it will become even harder, because now you have to deal with his legs and with the lapels.


I trained with Billy, he put me in his closed guard, and I felt how hard is to get out once he sets up his lapels. So I asked him to show us what are the main attacks he has from there, and also how he sets up his attacks.

Billy showed some great details, that were also new to me, such as the way he shakes his legs to make sure he gets the lapel all way down under the opponent’s leg.

Make sure to check it out. There are 3 great attacks he does from there that I believe can work very well for you too.


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