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Let me set the scene for you. Imagine you are a hobby student , who just does BJJ for fun. You train probably 2 or 3 times per week, you dont have any specific diet, any physical conditioning, and Jiu-Jitsu for you is just a hobby. Also imagine that you train at one school that probably has the highest level of BJJ in the World. It would be hard to tap anybody there right?

But now imagine that you have one technique, that works so well for you, that you have already tapped everybody in your school at least once with that.


Yes, at Marcelo’s there is one guy like this. His name is Chris Lyon, he is just a regular guy, who trains BJJ probably 2 or 3 times per week and nowadays he is brown belt. He has the best anaconda choke I have ever seem. I have seem him tapping everybody with this choke at least once, but when I mean everybody, Im talking about all the black belts from Marcelo’s school and everyone who constantly rolls with him.

Chris does it so well, that when he is on top in the half-guard he lets you get the underhook, and then he jumps to the Anaconda Choke, and once he starts adjusting it, it gets close to impossible to defend it.

I asked him to show us what are the main details he uses to be able to do it so well. And he made an awesome video for my youtube channel explaining it. Check it out and I hope you guys enjoy it.

Also Im going to breakdown here the most important 5 details he is using to finish his choke:

1- The first thing Chris does is that he makes sure to get a good grip around my head, setting up a tight anaconda choke.

2- The second thing, Chris posts his right shoulder on the mat, changing his base, once he does that it makes it easier for him to get his leg free from the half-guard.
3- Chris tightens his grip and uses his knee to clear his opponent’s arm and free his leg, so he can walk back in and finish the choke.
4- Once the choke is set, Chris drives himself towards his opponent, to make sure he is able to “squeeze” the choke as much as possible.5- One very important detail Chris does too is that he always holds the choke for more than 10 seconds, because many times people make a mistake of holding it for less than 10 seconds and the opponent is able to breath and resist the choke. I always use to joke that we can stay underwater for 10 seconds, but we can not stay underwater for more than 2 minutes for example. So that’s how chokes work, many people can resist it for the first 10 seconds, but if you are able to keep holding it for a long time, they will end up tapping or passing out.


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