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In 2013 I arrived in NYC to begin training and teaching at Marcelo Garcia’s Academy. I was unsure of what to expect; living in a new city, new country, new academy. On top of the normal worries that come with a new job and moving to a new place to live, I was nervous if the training partners at MGA where gonna be able to push me in the way that I would need to continue the success I was having.  Besides Marcelo, many of the top students at the academy were purple belts.
One of these purple belts picked me up from the airport. During the drive from JFK to Manhattan (of course straight to MGA). I could feel that that kid had something special. From the moment I got into his car he started firing questions at me and when he wasn’t asking questions he was telling me all about his dreams and desires in BJJ. I could tell that he was not all “talk” because he was also explaining the steps he was taking to achieve his goals.  After, my first training with this young promising purple belt. I was sure that he would become something big in BJJ. His name is Mansher “Munchie” Khera. Born in Queens, NYC raised in Punjab, India. Now he is one the toughest and most technical guys in the black belt lightweight division.
Before making his current run at black belt, he did something  special as brown belt.  Especially considering he fights in the lightweight division (162 pounds). He won double gold in the Worlds No-Gi as brown belt TWICE. Yes, twice, in 2013 and 2014, both as brown belt. As soon as he got his brown belt in 2013 he did the Worlds No-Gi, and he didnt have time enough to get the black belt in 2014, so he did it again in 2014, and repeated the accomplishment, getting double gold again as brown belt lightweight. In his first year as black belt (2015) he already got second in the Worlds No-Gi among many other titles in the Gi.
I asked Munchie to show us one of the main techniques he used to beat so many heavy guys in the open class. He decided to share with us an awesome set up to One Leg X-Guard and sweep from the X-Guard that can be applied with and without the gi.  I believe it was a key position for him to go out there and beat all the heavy guys.
I hope you guys enjoy this great video, because Mansher is not only a great fighter but also a great teacher as well.

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