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One of the most common submissions from the side mount is the far side Armbar. It is one of those positions were there are many different variations, none being wrong but, the challenge is to find the variation that works best for your body type and BJJ style.  I started doing this one from the side mount Armbar when I noticed that my opponents would often try and defend in the same way when I went for this attack. They would block my hip with their forearm and move their body away from by hip escaping.  At first I would struggle to complete the armlock because I could not move to the other side of my opponents body ad finish the attack. I would be forced to go with another attack from the side control or switch to another approach such as going for the mount or back control.

 After, thinking about the position a lot I realized that my opponent needed to keep their frame ( arm on hip) super strong so that my weight could not follow them as they moved their body away from me. Then the solution presented it self. How can I break down that frame? I realized I could weaken the frame of the arm by applying pressure to my opponents head. I started taking my free arm ( the arm that is close to the opponents head) and using my forearm as a club to crunch their chin to chest. This is not only very uncomfortable for opponent but, it weakens their ability to keep the frame strong.
This is a quick video breakdown that will help show what I am referring to above.  Give this a shot and see if it works best for your body type and style.  For more instructional videos, advice and much much more checkout my youtube channel . Thank you for watching!!!!!

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