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Last weekend I had the privilege to spend some time on the mats with Travis Stevens. If you watched the Olympic Games you may have heard about the amazing achievement of his, getting Silver Medal in the Olympic Games in the Judo competition. Travis is also black belt in BJJ under Renzo Gracie.  I have trained with him and can say that he is at an extraordinary level on the ground. He has proven it doing awesome matches in the Copa Podio, beating super tough guys like Tim Springs and others.
One of the most important things for all great Judo Fighters is to have a great grip. Jimmy Pedro ( World Champion, Olympic medalist 4x Olympian, US Judo Coach and Travis Stevens head Coach) has developed a system of grip fighting that has helped in the great success for team USA Judo in recent world and olympic competitions.  I asked Travis to show us 3 different exercises for grips, that can help a lot for the BJJ or Judo fighter. He showed awesome exercises that I had never seen before and once he broke them down to me.  I completely understood and agreed with him, that these can help everyone develop iron grips. These exercises give Travis the strength in his grip to execute on the gripping system that Jimmy developed.
I have already added these to my training routine, especially because one of the exercises matches exactly with my single leg sweep from Half-Guard.
Check out the video below to learn it and also make sure to subscribe on my youtube channel to get more free videos.

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