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In one of my seminars in February, I met Jason Eames. Jason is a black belt from Andre Galvao, he lives in Philadelfia and he has his own school there. For this blog post I asked him to show us a very sneaky BJJ choke that he was trying against me during the entire roll.

When I trained with him luckily I knew what he was intending to do, because once my master Fabio Gurgel caught me with this choke in the training. So against Jason I was already expecting what he wanted to do and I was able to avoid it. But it is a very dangerous choke, because the fighter on bottom will set up some sort of weird grip on your lapel, that doesn’t even look like a choke, and once you start passing, he will pass his leg over and you are finished.

screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pmHe told me he learned it from Andre Galvao, because Andre does pretty much the same thing from the top deep half-guard, so he started trying it from the bottom against the over-under pass, and I can say that he is doing it very well, because If I didnt know what it was, I would be in big trouble.

So I asked him to show us how he does it and also what are the main details to be able to make it work so well. He showed some cool tricks that is definitely worth checking out.

If you want to watch more videos about BJJ chokes, make sure to check out these two other blog posts:  “Armbar From The North/South Choke by Paul Schreiner” and “The Collar Choke From Closed Guard by Chris Derr”



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