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Many times when Im teaching, its very common to see the lighter weight students asking me some tricks to use, to avoid getting smashed by the bigger guys. Sometimes its even a challenge for me to teach it, because the fact that Im 6’3’’ and 220 pounds, so I have to try to put myself in their situations to understand what the bigger guys do against them.

But I believe that the best way to answer this type of question, would be going straight to the best “small” fighter on the planet, and ask this question to him. What to do to not get smashed against the heavier guy? That was my question to Bruno Malfacine, the one who broke the record of World Tittles in the same division at IBJJF.


Bruno competes in the lightest division in Jiu-Jitsu (rooster weight – under 126 pounds), and I had the opportunity to share the mats with him for over 3 years at Alliance Sao Paulo. It was incredible for me to watch every day that little guy beating a bunch of big guys from all belts and levels. I even have seem him sweep a guy who was Black Belt World Champion in the heaviest division in Jiu-Jitsu, the ultra heavy.

So for this blog post I asked Bruno to show us some tricks on how to avoid being smashed by the bigger guys.

Bruno taught some great butterfly concepts, to not let your opponent close the distance and start putting his weight on you.

Make sure to check it out, specially if you are in the lighter divisions. I hope you enjoy it.


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