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Today we are going to see a half guard sweep by Vincent Colcol. He received his black belt from Mike Cusi. I just completed a seminar at his Stronghold Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Eastlake, San Diego, which is a Cobrinha affiliate.
The half guard is a good position to attack your opponent. There are many sweeps, submissions, and attacks from this position. Personally, it is one of my favorite positions in jiu-jitsu. Many famous grapplers are known for their half guard games, including myself, Roberto “Gordo” Correa, Lucas Leite,  Celsinho Venicius and Caio Terra. As you can see from this list, the half guard isn’t only for bigger, heavier grapplers. This position works very well for smaller, lighter grapplers as well. They can control a heavier opponent and work submissions and sweeps from this position.
I really like this half guard sweep that Vincent uses. This is a very simple and effective technique that I think everyone can use.
Let’s see how he does it.

Vincent starts in the half guard with his knee to his opponent’s chest and his top hand grips his collar. He likes to drive his knee into his opponent’s chest to force him to pull back. As he pulls back, Vincent kicks his leg through and he controls his opponent’s leg. When his opponent pressures down or puts too much weight on Vincent then he switches to the Gable grip on his leg. This allows him to shrug and drive his opponent even more forward and lose his base.
Then he switches his hook and bridges into his opponent’s leg so he can’t turn into or get the mount on Vincent. Now his inside hand grabs the cuff of the far leg of his opponent’s pants.
When he is ready to come up, he switches his grip by bringing his other hand to control the shin of his opponent’s far leg. He switches to his knees and comes up for the sweep.
This is a very cool technique. I usually look for the lapel when I turn underneath my opponent. I love to do this technique that Vincent showed in no-gi because there are no lapels to grab. However, now I can see how this position works very well in gi as well.

Here is the breakdown of the key points for a half guard sweep by Vincent Colcol:

  1. Vincent uses his knee on his opponent’s chest to control the distance. He also grips his collar.
  2. When his opponent pulls back from the knee pressure, he kicks his leg through and controls his leg.
  3. Sometimes Vincent feels his opponent is putting too much weight on him, so he uses the Gable grip on his leg. Now he shrugs his opponent forward and makes him lose his base.
  4. He switches his hook and bridges into his opponent’s leg so his opponent can’t turn into or mount him.
  5. He grabs the cuff of his opponent’s far leg and brings his other hand to control his shin. Vincent switches to his knees and completes the sweep.

I hope you all enjoyed this video. Oss.
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