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Today I am here with Yuri Simoes.  This guy is one of the toughest in the world in my opinion.  I have competed against him and it was one of my toughest matches I ever had.  It is a huge pleasure for me to be here with him and I’m excited to share some of his technique with you.  Yuri has won the ADCC 2x, this is the most prestigious nogi title.  Today he is going to show us one of his favorite passes in the nogi.  He likes to get to the knee shield and pass the knee shield.  He has one of the best top games in the world.  Let’s take a look at this technique and then discuss.

Breakdown of Killing the Knee Shield by Yuri Simoes:

Okay guys Yuri is the man.  This pass is amazing and he showed so many very important details.  So like I mentioned in the video above, the way that Yuri gets the underhook is very interesting.  He likes to grab my shoulder and use it to keep me flat.  This is a good detail.
Yuri also uses his leg to hook behind my leg.  Today a lot of people are playing the leg lock game and this is a detail that will stop them from being able to leg lock you.  It is a very good detail.  If you don’t get this hook, then you have to keep all of your pressure low and on top of them.
Like Yuri mentioned at the end, you don’t want to stay tall with your opponent, put your headscreen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm    next to their’s or get the cross face.  I really liked this technique and I hope you guys enjoyed it too.  Don’t forget to download my FREE E-Book if you have not already!  I answer a lot of the questions guys ask me on messages! OSS


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