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Today I am here with Aaron Jannetti, he has been a Krav Maga instructor for 10 years, not only that but he is also a good purple belt in bjj and he has competed in MMA so he is a real fighter.  Many times when we talk about Krav Maga instructors they have only done Krav Maga but Aaron has trained in many martial arts, he is a fighter, Jiu Jitsu guy, and self-defense expert.  Aaron is also a very good teacher, we actually made a really cool Krav Maga DVD with him.  Today he is going to show us how to disarm somebody, it is a cool video, I know it is a little different but it is martial arts, so let’s see it below!

Breakdown of the Gun Disarm by Aaron Jannetti:

Okay guys so I am not an expert in Krav Maga at all but I can tell you what I felt when Aaron was demonstrating this technique on me.  Basically when he grabs the gun and gets both hand on my wrist it made it very uncomfortable to hold the gun.
It is hard to move and realign the gun with him, not only this but when my finger was on the trigger it was difficult to use it.  What I liked about Aaron’s approach is the fact that he is realistic, he is not saying that the gun will magically fall and he can do specific hits.  He said once you are out of the line of fire do whatever feels right to get safe, so hit them with a knee, or whatever.
Obviously guys the best weapons to use are your mouth and your feet if there is a gun.  Try to screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm   deescalate the situation by talking if try to run, if you have to protect your family or something though, maybe this technique can save your life.  Anyways guys I hope you liked it.  Aaron is a super good self-defense instructor and his DVD on Krav Maga is below if you want to learn more.  Also check out my free E-book and download now! I promise it will help! Oss guys!


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