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Guys today I am here with some one who is very special and important to me, my master and mentor, Fabio Gurgel.  Fabio is one of the most important people in my bjj career and he is a very high level guy who has won the Black Belt World Championships multiple times.  Fabio is the coach to many successful athletes like Bruno Malficene, Marcelo Garcia and so many more.  Today I asked him to show us one  escape from the side control.  I used to joke with him and say he should compete again and just pull side control because he does so well from there.  The video is below and then I will do some breakdown!

Breakdown of How To Escape Side Control Against A Larger Opponent by Fabio Gurgel:

So guys as you can see this is an advanced take on a very basic escape that many of us use.  The traditional hip escape.  One of the most important things that Fabio is doing here is creating a straight arm frame on his far arm.
The reason he is framing on his far arm is to avoid the chance of being arm locked or something.  He keeps his screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm   elbow very close to his hip as he frames.  Notice he is one his shoulder as he frames and not on his back.  This makes it much more powerful.
Fabio is the master at escaping side control.  I have never seen anyone that is so hard to hold side control on.  After he frames it gives him the space to do the hip escape and he is able to escape.  This is a very good technique for all level, I hope you enjoyed and escape side control better now! OSS!


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