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One day last year (2016), I was training Wrestling at The Edge in Hoboken, New Jersey. My coach, Jeff Marsh asked me: “Hey, Bernardo, have you ever trained with him? If not, then get ready, because Hudson was one of the best Wrestlers ever in University, where he holds the record for the most “Pins.”

I got very excited when he told me that. It’s always a great opportunity to test our techniques against someone with such a high skill level, especially for me because Wrestling is still a new sport for me.

After the training, I realized that trying takedowns or sweeps, using single legs and double legs against him is just not a good idea…hehehe…He had one of the best bases for defending singles and doubles that I have ever seen.


After that we became friends and he joined Marcelo’s. Hudson had never trained BJJ before. After training at Marcelo’s for 3 months, he competed in the Pan-Ams No Gi as a blue belt. He ended up winning Double Gold in the adult division. We didn’t want him to compete as a white belt. I don’t even know how he learned so fast, but in every match he was able to do takedowns and he defended every sweep attempt with his amazing base. He also passed guards, got to mount and he even got many submissions.

This shows how a great Wrestling base when applied for Jiu-Jitsu can help us for BJJ competitions.

So I asked Hudson to show us what are the most important things he does when someone tries a double leg on him and he showed us some very solid moves, that everyone can apply. It doesn’t matter if you do Wrestling or not, it will definitely help your takedown defense.

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