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The Armbar From The North/South Choke by Paul Schreiner

One of the most technical and knowledgeable guys I know in BJJ is Paul Schreiner. Years ago, Paul made many trips to Brazil to train at Gracie Barra. During those years, Gracie Barra was in their prime-time, when all the big names were there such as Roger Gracie, Roberto Gordo, Marcio Feitosa and many others.

Paul received his black belt from Claudio Franca in California. In California, he had the opportunity to train with a lot of big names, like Jake Shields, the Diaz brothers, bla bla bla…..and others. In 2010, he moved to NYC where he is one of the main instructors at Marcelo Garcia’s Academy.

After all of these experiences just imagine how much Jiu-Jitsu Paul knows. He learned straight from Gracie Barra in the prime-time of Gracie Barra. He participated in the growth of BJJ in California, and then he moved to the East coast to teach and train at Marcelo’s. Paul is a very open minded teacher and he trains and shares techniques with all of Marcelo’s BJJ stars everyday.


One of the things I like the most about Paul, is the way he teaches. He has a very simple and methodical style to show complex moves in a way that everyone can understand easily.

So I asked Paul to teach us one of his favorite moves for my Youtube channel “Bernardo Faria BJJ” and he showed us a super cool and efficient armbar from the North/South choke.

As I always say, I believe that in BJJ one of the most important things is the sequence and timing of the moves you want to do. So in this technique below, you can see that he has the perfect sequence and timing to get where he wants. First, he goes to the North/South choke and once the opponent defends, Paul already has his next move in the sequence at the right time, without giving his opponent a chance to defend.

I hope you guys enjoy it.



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