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Since I moved to NYC in 2013, I become a very good friend of this guy. Philippe Balmant. Phill is the one who helps to take care of Marcelo’s school, doing everything there. He works at the front desk, he cleans the school, he teaches privates classes, he helps with group classes and he is always ready to help anyone at any time.
Phill got his black belt last year from Marcelo Garcia, he is one of our toughest master’s division competitors.
He is already close to his 40’s, but he is still always on the mat, and ready to train with everyone, including all the top black belts from the school.
When I train with Phill, one of the things I always see that he does the best, is how he defends the back. Many times I try to go to his back and it is really hard to put the hooks in and even harder to get the submission.
screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pmIn BJJ it can be very frustrating when you try to attack someone’s back and end up getting nothing, you don’t get the points or the submission.
So I asked Phil to show how he defends the back. He showed us an awesome way to defend the back, going straight to the over-under Pass that it is also his favorite pass.
I hope you guys enjoy it.

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