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In your opinion what is the most dangerous technique in BJJ? Well, I bet many people would say heel hook, knee bar, some crazy takedown, or something like that. But there is one specific position in Jiu-Jitsu, that I never see too many people talking about and thankfully IBJJF made it illegal. In my opinion it is the most dangerous technique in BJJ.
There are many techniques in Jiu-Jitsu where people can get hurt, such as tear an ACL, tear a ligament, break a bone but with this technique that I made a video about someone can become paralyzed by falling on their head and damaging their spinal cord. I even I know a case in Brazil that resulted in a paralyzed student
screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pmSo the reason I made this video, is for you to understand that it can be very dangerous and not do it with your training partners and also for you to avoid this position, because many times people don’t know that it can be very dangerous and they still attempt it in training, so we better know how to prevent it and train safely.
In Brazil we call this position “enterrada” which means “bury”, because the technique looks like you are burying someone into the ground.
I hope it helps you guys to understand even more about BJJ, and also it remind you guys to never keep the head outside while in the single-leg.

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