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Guys todays video is going to be a little different, I am here with my friend, Ricky Lundell and he is going to talk about his movement.  Ricky is the one who came up with the movement, 1% better everyday.  This is an amazing movement because you can apply this philosophy to every part of your life.
For example, lets talk about Jiu Jitsu.  Everybody knows that Jiu Jitsu is very difficult and you need to look at the journey not the destination.  This is because you can always learn and get better in bjj, there is no end.
With that in mind, if you are always trying to improve a lot and get to the next belt you may not be happy because it takes so long.  One of the best ways to look at things is to get better 1% every day.  That is how I achieved the 5 black belt world titles I got.
For example, maybe one day you are not able to even get a cross collar grip on someone, the next day make it your goal to do that and you are 1% better, than maybe that day you could not get to deep half, well the next day make it a point to get to deep half. You may not even get there but maybe you get closer and closer everyday and within a few years you always get to deep half.
In business and life you can use this motto for everything, 1% better everyday, I really love it.  Anyways guys, check out the video below and try to apply it to your life, to bjj, to everything, oss!


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