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Today I am here with a friend of mine who is also a very tough black belt and police officer, Jay Wadsworth.  Jay made a DVD and video series with us at bjj fanatics and people love the way he teaches.  I will link some below.  Today Jay is going to show us one of his favorite submissions that he does from his favorite guard that he created called 92 double sleeve guard.  It is going to be a toe hold that he does and used at Fight To Win Pro to brake his opponents foot.  Let’s see below and then I will do some breakdown.

Breakdown of  Toe Hold From 92 Double Sleeve Guard by Jay Wadsworth:

So guys as you can see above the first thing we need to understand about this position is what is the 92 double sleeve guard.  Basically, it is a 2 on 1 grip from the open guard.  Very similar to the grip that Marcelo Garcia uses.
From this grip Jay has a whole system of attacks that he does.  Jay developed this guard to deal with bigger screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pmover.   opponents and has has a lot of success with it.  In this case he is showing us how to enter a toe hold if they stand.
When I stand I open myself up for this toe hold and Jay is going to under hook my leg and push me forward.  It is very important to sweep the guy forward so that the foot is exposed.  When Jay exposes the foot he takes a second to adjust his figure four.
This is very important because the way his legs are is what does not allow me to roll through and defend.  Once he tightens the figure four he will attack the toe hold and I have pretty much no where to go.  The only thing I may be able to do is straiten my leg and if I do he can knee bar me. Oss guys I hope you like this!


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