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Class spots needs to be scheduled in advance as our number of students will be limited each class. Also we’ll be following all state requirements to keep our students and staff safe. Once you schedule your class we will be sending all the information necessary.


– Wear a mask while entering the school and while walking around. (Not necessary to wear mask while in class, use of mask in class is optional.)

– Come already dressed in your CLEAN uniform required for the class you are attending.

– Do not bring gym bags, or unnecessary personal items with you inside the school, since there is limited space for you to store it. Additionally, the no personal items policy helps limit germ contact/transfer within our facility.

– Temperature will be taken prior to entering the school. If temperature is above 100.4°F then student will not be allowed to train. (Make sure to not wear any hats 10-15 minutes before arriving school, hats appear to cause higher readings) 

– Clean your shoes. (We will provide a shoe disinfectant mat.)

– Sign our pandemic waiver and exposure survey. If a student is under 18 years of age, a parent/legal guardian is required to sign. All students are required to sign it in order to attend class.

– We will provide hand sanitizer upon entrance.

– Do not grab your attendance card before class, we will be in charge of that.

– Enjoy your class.

We understand that these situations are not ideal, but we appreciate your understanding and patience as we work to figure out what works best for our school and our students. Please keep in mind these conditions are on a week to week basis and may change based on mandated laws, COVID-19 guidelines, and feedback.


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