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Today I am here in the Pittsburgh suburbs at a Lucas Lepri Affiliate.  The teacher here is Robert Henricksen.  I just had the pleasure of doing a seminar here at Roberts school and I asked him to show us one position he does really well.  Robert is going to show us a Kimura from the over under pass.  It is a very interesting Kimura because it is not like the regular kimura that everybody tries from the over under.  He sets up a trap and goes all the way to my back from the kimura.  Guys check out Robert’s variation on the kimura below and then I will break it down.

Breakdown of Robert Henricksen Kimura Attack From Over-Under Pass

So I really like this kimura attack because it is very similar to the one I know from the single leg takedown.  When someone gets a single leg takedown, you get the kimura grip and fall to your back, than, when they try to come up, you use the grip to take their back.
As you see above, Robert does something very similar.  He gets the Kimura grip and lets me think that I am passing his guard, than, he turns away from me and circles and when I come back into him, he takes my back.  It is a very good trap especially if the guy does not know that it is coming.
The kimura grip can be used in so many different ways.  Like you see above, when Robert does it to me, I know that I am in danger, when I think I pass, he attacks.  The kimura is something I have seen many times as a way to deal with the over under pass. Many people try and stop the pass with thekimura grip, but I have done this pass so many times, it is something I am aware of.  This is why I think Robert’s variation is good, although I have seen something like this, it is not something I expect from the over under.
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