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Today I am here with one of the most popular guys today, Craig Jones.  Craig is one of the best up and coming guys in Jiu Jitsu today. He won No Gi worlds as a purple and competed in EBI, but recently he made a big name for himself at the ADCC 2017 in Finland.  He was able to submit one of the favorites to win the entire ADCC.  It was Leandro Lo who is a multiple time black belt World Champion. He also beat Murilo Santana and then after the ADCC he went and did the EBI absolutes and lost in the final to Gordon Ryan.  Craig is a super nice guy and he loves lower body attacks.  It was a huge pleasure for me to talk bjj with him and learn some of his techniques.  Today he shows a Heel Hook set up that is awesome, check it out below and then I break it down.

Breakdown of Craig Jones Crazy Inside Heel Hook Setup:

So guys this is a crazy awesome technique.  Seeing stuff like this makes me so happy to see how much bjj is evolving and how much new techniques there are.  The way Craig does this position I have never seen.  I know the saddle position or the “knee reap” position but his entry is really tricky.
So one of the most important details that Craig does is to go underneath my legs and grab my foot.  This is a similar grip to the one that a lot of people use for the half guard sweep.  The way Craig does this reverse X guard with his feet  it allows him to lift me very easily and then I am right in his game.
Make sure if you try this that you grab their foot because this is what is preventing me from screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm  passing his guard and sprawling.  It was a huge pleasure for me to work with Craig.  Guys try it out and see how you like it, also if you have not already check out my free E-Book and down load it for free. Also Craig just released a 4 DVD set on all of his leg stuff so check it out below, it is really good! OSS!


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