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Today I am here with Trevor Johnston, he is a brown belt from open mat academy in Toronto and he just came here to visit my academy in Bedford, MA. I was doing some training with Trevor and he was defending the over under really well and doing a sweep from there.  He actually got me with it once and I came back and he helped me learn that I was doing something wrong so I fixed it.  This is Jiu Jitsu  guys, you never stop learning and that is why I love training.  It is a pleasure to learn new things all the time, even from my best position I can make a mistake.  Anyways guys, I asked Trevor to show me this sweep and teach it for you guys, I hope you like it.  The video is below and as usual we will do a breakdown after.

Breakdown of the Chair Sweep From Over Under by Trevor Johnston:

Guys this sweep looks very simple but I promise you it is effective.  What Trevor is trying to do is load all of my weight onto his hip so that he can use his hip to roll me over.  This happens from him keeping his knee out and across my body.  As long as his knee is out he is still in the game.
Trevor adds some very important details to the sweep.  He keeps a hook on my leg which makes it very difficultscreen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm    for me to sprawl but it also makes it hard for me to pull his leg through.  Whenever I teach the over under I tell people to make sure that they pull the leg through and strait before they pass.
In this case, Trevor made this very difficult.  He was also trapping my arm so that I could not base.  If you are able to load your opponent onto your hip this can be a very effective sweep. Part of the reason the over under has always been my favorite pass is because I love the deep half guard and when I get swept in the over under I end up in the best deep half.
This is important for those that play my game.  If you are doing the over under and you are about to get swept, it is okay, just make sure that you end up back in deep half.  Anyways guys I hope you like this position and try it out.


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