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Today I am here with Tim Blackstone, he is a black belt from David Hirtz in Alliance Minnesota.  Today he is going to show us one variation that he has where he is in the 1 Leg X-Guard and I try to break the 1 Leg X-Guard so he goes into the regular X-Guard.  Then from the X-Guard he is going to show us a sweep that is very nice.  In Brazil we call sweeps like this “helicopter” because he is going to throw me all the way over his shoulder. So let’s see how Tim does it below and then I will break down the details.

Breakdown of Tim Blackstone’s 1 Leg X-Guard to X-Guard Sweep:

So the sweep Tim is doing on me is a very good sweep because of the timing.  Tim has perfect timing with this sweep and when you’re sweeping your opponent, timing is very important.  Timing is very important in almost all sweeps.  When Tim knows I am going to break the 1 Leg X-Guard, he immediately is going to the X-Guard.
Right as I break the 1 Leg X-Guard Tim underhooks my leg at the same time that I break it, he also inserts the hook right away so that he has everything he needs to sweep.  Since he has put me in X-Guard Tim knows that I am going to stand up, and as I stand, I become lighter and make it easier for Tim to sweep me over his head.
Guys, also notice that the whole time Tim is doing this position he has a deep collar grip.  The collar grip is important to because it keeps my base and weight low so that I cannot posture when I stand.  If Tim does not have the collar grip when I stand, I can get good posture and it will be very difficult to sweep me.  So if you’re going to do this position, remember to keep the collar grip.  Also, Tim has my sleeve grip so that I can’t post.
This sweep is a mix of timing and grips.  With the collar and sleeve, I have no base and with the timing it makes it screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pmeasy for Tim to complete the sweep! Have fun with this position guys.  Also, don’t forget to download my free E-Book.  I think this can really help you guys a lot in your training.
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