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What is your worst position to get stuck in BJJ?
Many times we hear people talking about: “Ohh my best position in bjj is this” “My favorite is that one” but what about the worst one? The one every time you get there in BJJ you think: “Ohh my God, what am I doing here? Why do I do BJJ?
Well, there is one specific position for which I don’t even have a name that I really hate to get stuck in. Its kind of one shoulder lock, but there is no “lock” submission in this position, so its the type of position that you can not escape, but also you can not tap, and the way it feels is even worst for you… It can be applied from half-guard, or side-control…
Check out on this video, Im showing what this position is. This is my worst position, and I would like to read in the comments what your worst position is. Check it out:

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