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Today I am here with a good friend of mine, Tom DeBlass.  Tom is one of the best American grapplers ever, he is a multiple time ADCC veteran and trials winner, no gi world champ, and much more titles.  Not only is Tom very high level, he is also a very good teacher and we always have people for asking for more instructional videos with him on BJJ Fanatics.  Today he is going to show us some techniques from the half butterfly guard.  Tom is very good at this position.  The video is below and then I will do some breakdown.

Breakdown of How To Use The Half Butterfly From Half Guard by Tom Deblass:

So guys as you can see above this is a very valuable position if you play half guard.  This is because whenever you are playing half guard, the worst thing that can happen to you is that your opponent gets the under hook and the cross face.
When you are in half and they start to put their weight on you and smash you it can be bad, that is why Tom willscreen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm    use the butterfly half guard.  The adjustment that he makes to play this game is simple.  Tom is just going to do a hip escape and put his butterfly hook in.
Once Tom is able to get the hook in he is going to create the distance and keep a strong over hook on my under hook.  This is because he wants me to be trapped.  By doing this Tom is able to either sweep me or go for omoplata.  If you like this position check out his new DVD all about this position below.  OSS guys!


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