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Today I am here with Orlando Rymer.  Orlando was always one of my favorite students at Marcelo Garcia NYC.  He is a brown belt under Marcelo and he is super tough.  He is a lighter feather and he won the Worlds, the Pans and the Europeans at the master’s division.  Orlando is a super quick guy and he is very very technical.  Today Orlando is going to show us one of his favorite set ups from the butterfly guard.  He is going to show us how to get the triangle by kicking your opponents knee.  Orlando is so good at the triangle, I have seen him do the triangle so many times in the training and at the tournament and I have seen him do this set up so many times.  So guys, let’s check out the video below and then I will do a breakdown.

Breakdown of Orlando Rymer Triangle Choke Setup From Butterfly:

Guys I have seen Orlando do this exact set up so many times.  All the time when I see the matches start at the tournaments with him, within 20 seconds I see Orlando get the triangle.  I think one of the most important things with this position is the fact that he is trying to sweep me.
Orlando controls my collar and my elbow and when he kicks my knee I think that he is going to sweep me so I post, Orlando lets me post.  At this time he moves his hips and uses the collar grip to keep me close and then gets the triangle.
Many times one of the best ways to get the submission is to try and go for a sweep and fake your opponent out. screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm    When you get someone to defend a sweep it is very hard for your opponent to defend two things at once.  This is something that Marcelo was always doing, especially with his guillotine.
We know that Marcelo has one of the best guillotines in the world and many time he tries to do a butterfly sweep or something and knows that during the transition he will get the neck to open.  Orlando got this trick from Marcelo and I see it in his game a lot.  Anyways guys, I hope you like this technique and try it out!


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