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Today I am here with Carlos Farias and he is a master world champion at black belt and he also competes with a lot of success at the adult divisions.  Carlos is 44 years old and he  is always winning the adult divisions.  One thing that I love about Carlos is that he plays a very simple game.  I was able to roll with him and he is going to show us some of the positions he always does.  When I was playing half guard on him he put a crazy amount of shoulder pressure so he is going to show us how he does it.

Breakdown of Tremendous Pressure From Side Control by Carlos Farias:

So guys there are a lot of little things going on here.  Yes Carlos is a bigger guy but the way he uses his shoulder is very technical.  First, notice how he said he needed to clear my arm in side control.  This is a fundamental for Carlos.
Once he is able to clear the arm, he will feed the lapel to his hand controlling the head.  Notice that he feeds it by moving the arm controlling the head, not the arm with the lapel.  This helps him to get deeper with his shoulder.
Carlos also keeps his elbow on the mat and then he is able to lower his body weight so that he can put his shoulder into my face.  This is a crazy amount of pressure and it also feels like a choke.  I have even rolled with small guys that do something similar and since their shoulder is smaller, it becomes a choke.  Anyways guys, oss!


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