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When you see this title, you might be asking yourself if it is true or not?  Over 200 Championship titles?- who is this Vinicius “Tractor” Ferreira? and why haven’t I heard of him? Yes, it is true-over 200 titles and if you didn’t know his name yet, you soon will. Today, I am going to share the story of this tough kid from Brazil.

Introducing Vinicius “Tractor” Ferreira:

In 2014, he was 16 years old (now he is 19).  He was living in a small farming community, in the Sao Paulo State, Brazil. Tractor was about to give up Jiu-Jitsu- faced with the enormous obstacles of trying to make a living through the Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle, he was considering going back to school and furthering his education. His girlfriend at the time felt that he would be making a mistake if he gave up his BJJ dreams. Feeling helpless she decided to reach out to someone who could help. She wrote to Fabio Gurgel to ask him for an opportunity for her boyfriend. A chance to live in Sao Paulo, train at the Alliance School under Fabio Gurgel’s guidance and continue his life long dream.
Not sure what to say, she simply wrote to Fabio, “My boyfriend is 16 years old, he has won over 200 tittles in BJJ and he is about to stop doing BJJ because he has no money or opportunities to continue his career as a fighter.” When Fabio read that, Fabio first did not believe if that was true or not,    16 years old with 197 tittles?  Fabio asked her to bring him to Alliance Sao Paulo to meet him. When she did, she brought Tractor and big box of medals with all championship medals.
His name is Vinicius Ferreira but, is better known as Tractor. He started doing BJJ when he was 13 years old. From the start of his BJJ journey he started  to compete every single weekend. In the Juvenile Division, and Adult Division. Competing in his weight category and Open Class for both age groups. Sometimes 2 tournaments per weekend, he would travel to one city on Saturday, compete in 4 divisions. Travel back to his hometown, then Sunday travel again to another city and fight in another 4 divisions.
In only 4 years, he was able to compete in over 100 tournaments. Winning over 200 tittles. Last year he was able to win the Worlds No-Gi Open Class as purple belt. This year he won his division and open class in the IBJJF Pan-American championship, in the Worlds (Gi) he also won his weight division as a purple belt. After, he was handed the brown belt by Fabio Gurgel.
He is currently staying in NYC for 3 months to train at Marcelo Garcia’s Academy, it is amazing to see a young athlete like Tractor, with so much desire and will to win in life. Someone who doesn’t not make any excuses.  A young person who does not stop at any challenge to achieve his dream.
For this blog post, I asked him to teach one of his favorite positions. The Omoplata from the Lasso Guard. He uses this position a lot in competition, here he shows us how it is done. Tractor is working hard to improve on his English, the video has subtitles because it still better for him to instruct in portuguese for now.
I hope you guys enjoy it, and I hope we can all use his story as an example for our own lives for whatever we do. If there is a will, there is a way.

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