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Guys today is a video a little bit different, I want to share with you something that was filmed at my Academy in Bedford, Ma.  I hope you guys can come and visit sometime, I am always teaching there once a day.  We had the pleasure of having my good friend, one of the most decorate American Grapplers ever, Tom DeBlass visit the academy.
I asked Tom to teach a class as he is infamous for his passing and guard.  In the video below Tom is teaching a screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm    class at my school and he is showing a very simple and effective pass from the half guard.  Basically Tom is going to show you how to counter the under hook get up.
The under hook get up is a very popular sweep from half guard and almost everyone who plays half guard at some point will try and establish an under hook and use it to get up.   I like doing this a lot, I always try and go from the single leg half to the single leg or deep half guard.
Anyways guys I hope you enjoy this technique and are able to implement it to your game, Tom is a great friend of mine and I am happy to share with you, oss!


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