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Today I am here with Thomas Lisboa.  Thomas is a great friend of mine and he is one of the most technical guys I ever met.  Thomas was one of the main instructors at the Alliance academy in Sao Paulo and also one of the main instructors in the Marcelo Garcia Academy in NYC.  Thomas was a very successful bjj fighter, he won the worlds as a purple belt and brown belt at adult and he got second in the No Gi worlds as a black belt.  Thomas was always amazing at the crucifix and today I asked him to show us some techniques from here.  Check it out below and then I do some breakdown.

Breakdown of How To Tap Your Opponent While You Set Up The Crucifix by Thomas Lisboa:

So guys a lot of details here on the crucifix.  Thomas is amazing at this position and he was able to use it in the competition a lot.  So as you can see from the turtle he is going to keep his leg near me so that he can set up the crucifix.  He knows I am going to look to grab is leg and when I do he is ready to get the crucifix.
Once he gets the crucifix he is going to feed the arm to his back leg and lock his leg.  He will stay on his knees andscreen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm stay on top.  Notice that he changes his angle and weight a little bit.  One thing a lot of people do wrong from the crucifix is that they try and roll but Thomas would prefer to stay on top.
Once he has secured this position he is going to start looking for the submission.  The submission that he looks for is the rear naked choke and once my neck opens it is super tight.  Notice how as he gets it he leans all of his weight forward on my neck.  Guys I hope you like this position, oss!


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