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Today I am here with Josh Roth.  Josh is a very good level black belt that I have trained with before and he is amazing at the half guard.  He always does this sweep from a position that I see a lot of people struggling with so I asked him to show us it today and then I will do some breakdown, check it out below.

Breakdown of Sweep While Getting Smashed In Half-Guard By Josh Roth:

So as you can see in the video above this is a very common position that we see a lot in bjj and a lot of people get their guards passed when they are in this position. So as you can see this position is happening when you are in like a quarter guard, it is almost not even half.
The most important thing that josh is doing is keeping his legs locked really tight so that I cannot free my foot.screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm    This will make your opponent commit to the knee slide more and by doing that their hips will be on yours.
Timing is everything for this sweep and when Josh does this and they put their his on his to try and pass he will over hook their under hook to use it against them and he will just roll over because all of their weight is on him.  anyways guys this sweep is very simple but it really works, I use all the time, enjoy, oss!


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